Hello my fellow friends! I’m sorry for my long inactivity without leaving any posts. I had to study for finals and actually do finals and a lot has stuff has been going on for the past few months. This was just a little update and I will be posting something soon or whenever I have the chance. I’m sort of vacationing and I don’t have much time since my computer has a loathing for me. I had a goal to not to make anymore excuses and to actually do more with my blog but life is kind of unexpected. Anyways, just keep your eyes wide open for my next post!

See you around the waterfall!

-Vanessa Magicmoon


Never Dove Egg Hunt

Fly with you! Hello everyone… I’m back!! I have been gone for a while due to school (again) and with so much going on. I know Easter Sunday has passed but I wanted to post something for the celebration. In memory of the Never Dove Hunt, I figured that it’s a perfect timing to post this. The Never Dove is a friend to all the fairies in Pixie Hollow and each Spring, there would be an event called the “Never Dove Egg Hunt,” and you would have to find all the hidden dove eggs. The eggs were hidden all over Pixie Hollow for the grand-party for the fairies. Not only there were eggs but there were also new clothes and furniture!


The new furniture included different varieties of eggs, new egg baskets and a tea party set. My memory is a little rusty on the fashion but, somehow I still remember the furniture that they included.

This post was short once again, short. It is due to the fact that I have a lot of posts being planned and I wanted to make sure you guys know I’m still in the world of blogging.

Fly with you later!

Fairy Friendship Memories

Hello Pixie Pals! It’s Vanessa here with another fresh story on my blog. I know, I am awful at keeping promises of how I will try to keep up. I will not try to make any promises that I can not keep but, on the other note… It’s the Fairy Friendship Festival!

There won’t be any pretty photos in this post because my computer kept on crashing on me while I was uploading photos. I might be a little late since Valentine’s Day is over but that doesn’t mean that celebrating a good day with you’re friends is over! Fairy Friendship Festival was always so beautiful! The decorations around the meadows, the new fashions that come and go, and also… PINK WAS EVERYWHERE! Flying around the meadows with your best friends and showing off your new friendship bracelets were awesome. Even though Pixie Hollow is closed, my fairy friends and I are still wearing those bracelets in the real world.

The Ballroom never stopped awing me. When I was still a member, the Ballroom was filled with beautiful decorations. It was such a beautiful site to see! My memory is a little foggy if I go into details and if I tell you my life story and all but, I pretty happy I got to post again. I hope I can post another post soon and something that is not this short as usual.

Fly with you later!


No more excuses… or so I think…

Hello fairies of Pixie Hollow! I know that I haven’t posted for a while and I’m really sorry. I know I typed these exact words on a different post but, I just want you to know what’s happening. My personal life has been far too busy from the past few days and I didn’t realize I was neglecting my own blog. I personally thought that I was just too busy and I couldn’t be able to post at all but… I realized there’s more to that. I haven’t thought of anything to post for my blog and so I just stopped and stayed quiet. My blog has become more depressed and quiet due to just memories. I wanted everybody to remember Pixie Hollow while reading my posts but, um… More people get sad.


I never realized that my blog was really empty and never made much improvement. I took a lot of thinking that I should think ahead to start writing posts more often and improve my blog. My blog missing a lot of stuff and junk and I want to post more to talk with you guys. I might have to post on my free time. I never thought I would say this but, I kind of forget some events in Pixie Hollow and when it happened. If you’re wondering why I don’t go all jazz on events… Because I have a memory of a goldfish.


I don’t have a memory of a goldfish, I just don’t pay attention or listen to stuff (I’m just dumb like that :/). I’m thinking of posting more stuff other than Pixie Hollow. WAIT! I’m still going to post Pixie Hollow stuff! I’m also going to post other varieties of Disney related posts 50/50 is my blog about Pixie Hollow and Disney.

I also want to point out I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. This time no more excuses! 2015 is a new year and a time for me to start over and write a new page. Keep flapping! I think that’s the saying…

-See you around the waterfall! More pixie posts coming right up!


Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Hello Pixies! I was going to post a draft about me wishing you a very holly jolly Christmas, but I got sick. I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog even though the posts are really bad. You guys went through 2014 like a battle with me reading “Pixie Hollow will come back,” like there’s no tomorrow. Even though Pixie Hollow is closed, you still supported me into posting again.

download (3)

I will continue on improving on my blog, sharing exciting new adventures that will happen to me in life. I just got an email from WordPress of my year in of blogging in 2014 and I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to represent my thanks to you guys. You have already done a lot by helping my blog being discovered by different countries.

Thank you for reading and supporting me in this year. Even though I’m not good at posting or showing up on my blog. Your kind words has helped me throughout the year. I wish you all a happy new year and a wonderful life!

-See you around the waterfall,


Legend of the Neverbeast

Hello everybody! It’s Vanessa with another Fairy tale.

Oh my pixie dust! A new Tinker-Bell movie is going to come out soon!


I can’t breathe!!!!! Okay, back  to what I was going to post earlier…  The new movie, “Legend of the Neverbeast,” is coming out on December 4, 2014! If you haven’t seen the trailer here’s a link and I think I did put a video down below. Did I?

Oh wait I did!

Something is different in the trailer. Could it be one of our favorite fairies? Could it be Fawn?

images (19)goodwinkeeper

Which is better… The old one (left)? Or the new one (right)?

I just love how each movie in the Tinker-Bell series is about a story of Tinker-Bell’s friends. In the first movie it was about Tinker-Bell. The fourth movie was about Peri/Tink. The fourth movie was almost about Zarina. But now this movie is about another different fairy… Fawn and her new friend!

This wasn’t also suppose to be a long post (it’s because I don’t have all my facts), but I just want to give you guys a heads up on another movie of the series.


Fairy Feast

Hello Everybody! It’s Vanessa with another fairy tale.

It’s the month of November meaning, it’s Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday because of the turkey… hehehe… but not only that, it’s the Fairy Feast! Fairy Feast is also my favorite events in Pixie Hollow because of the fun activities that they would come up and bring in Pixie Hollow. Back then, before I had Vanessa Magicmoon, my friends and I would be around the table. 2009 was very fun, I think it was 2009. Events in Pixie Hollow was real to me, it was another world that brought me to life.


If you all remember the famous Fairy Feast back then, keep on reading! The Fairy Feast was an amazing event held in Acorn Summit and Pumpkin Patch.


It was like Thanksgiving in an amazing website that took you away. Like every Thanksgiving meal (if you do cook food for Thanksgiving) There were events that would help prepare for the Fairy Feast, like this activity in Acorn Summit. This activity was to help cook food for every fairy and animal in Pixie Hollow.


Who knows what the Fairy Feast was about? Could it have been a Thanksgiving meal in Pixie Hollow? Or was it just for dun in Pixie Hollow? I just hope you guys are having a wonderful week and will have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. More turkey for me… I’m just kidding I won’t eat the whole entire thing by myself… or will I?

Leaves are falling!

Hello Pixies! Sorry for not posting anything new for a while. I’ve been inactive lately because my computer has crashed a lot and we just got a new one a couple days ago. So enough talking and sit back and relax while reading this post!

Autumn is here! The fairies are at work changing the seasons. The leaves are changing colors and falling off of trees. The weather is getting cold here where I live. Right now I want hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. At this time of the season I would usually drink hot chocolate and watch Tinkerbell but my luck ran out because we ran out of hot chocolate and we got rid of cable. Hehehe…. I always have bad luck.


I remembered how in the Tinkerbell movies the way the visualized the season autumn in their world was so beautiful!


I always use to hang out in the autumn side of Pixie Hollow because it was beautiful, or the fact other places were so crowded and my computer was lagging a lot. Now I want hot chocolate right now. This wasn’t supposed to be a big post, it was just to tell you guys that I’m still posting and a few changes will come to my blog. I’m not changing the theme of my blog, I’m trying to make my blog happier because it’s starting to become depressing since I’m posting about memories and my memories are sad…


That made no sense whatsoever…

But I will see you guys around the waterfall and I will be posting soon!!!!!!!!

In Memory…

I’ve have been carrying this sadness around with me for one year now. My hands are trembling as I write this post. I never though I would write something so sad. I never wanted this day to happen. All lights has turned off on me as if I died. Truth is, I died die when I saw that notification on that website. I can still see that green box telling us bad news that makes me carry a burden of pain around with me. I saw Pixie Hollow grow throughout the years and I remember how I always wanted to live in a magical world like Pixie Hollow… and I still do.

Pixie Hollow was like a real world to me. I couldn’t stop cry for countless days. I still remember people say, “It’s just a stupid website,” or, “Aren’t you too old?” I might have slapped some people. There was a meaning in Pixie Hollow but we just didn’t know what the meaning was. I always thought that Polaris could be our portal to Pixie Hollow and Neverland. My imagination is still going on and I don’t know what to do without it, because of Pixie Hollow.

This post is important to me, because I want all of you readers to know how much Pixie Hollow meant to me and how it was more than a website. It could be realistic good graphics, magical world, great friends, new adventures and so on and so forth. There were many reasons. I never told people about this because, I thought they would think I’m dumb. I have been hiding this feeling and it’s making my heart heavier. I felt the same way like all of you when I first clicked that button that says: Play… Happiness.

Reach out and help a fairy

It is almost close to a year of Pixie Hollow’s closure. We all know what happened on September 19, 2013. There has been no word from Pixie Hollow ever since the closure. I have been forgetting about my blog and neglecting it also. It’s not that I have nothing to post about, it’s that I’m just busy and the fact that there’s no Pixie Hollow. I won’t quit though. It’s just though if I put memories of the past, the memories will become sad. Nobody wants a depressing blog right?

I was planning to do that reunion thing so that way we can all meet each other. But one problem… WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE GOING TO MEET?!?!?! I have Minecraft but it’s really old, I have Animal Jam and I have a lot of other websites but the websites I play are awful… I was only aware of Pixie Hollow, I didn’t have an attention span to other websites. I have Fantage but I’m a non-member.

I am planning to add a tab in my blog for all of us to meet each other and talk. I call this the, “Reach out and help a fairy.” September 19 will have a special post.


Once again, a short post. Comment down below for suggestions.

Long Time…

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting anything new lately. I had been traveling around the main world and my school is about to start and I’m freaking out. My computer sort of crashed when I was typing something new… But anyways… It’s been such a really long time ever since the last time I posted something new AND… AND… I found a really long best friend from PH!!!  But don’t you guys know… IT’S SUMMER!!!! Well it’s almost ending 😦

images (18)

I thought we’ll never see her cry…



But at least Olaf got to experience summer!!!


Hope this made you happy