Pixie Hollow will come back!


Attention fairies and sparrow of Pixie Hollow! We all love Pixie Hollow and we support Pixie Hollow. Sadly Pixie Hollow closed. I heard many fairies and sparrow men say that it’s closing forever or it will come back, but that’s a rumor. We’re not sure, and if you ask Pixie Hollow they will answer that they are not sure. What I’m trying to say here is that forever is a hard word. Pixie Hollow is in Neverland and what is in Neverland? The word never! The word never in their perspective is never letting people down. Pixie Hollow will not let their fans down. It is not a word used for “it’s never coming back” it’s used for it’s never letting us down. Pixie Hollow doesn’t turn people down, they don’t only care about the money, what they mostly care about is making us happy. They will come back to make us happy… probably. They need the money also. The reason why they care about the money so much is so they can keep Pixie Hollow running on forever and make us happy. They care if we’re happy.


223 thoughts on “Pixie Hollow will come back!

      1. My sparrow’s name was Dustin and he had black hair, black eyes and a black and white outift.

    1. There has to be a way we can get PH back! Although I’m probably a little too old to play this game, it’s still the most fun game I have ever played. So we need to figure something out quickly! Don’t giveup there is hope somewhere in this world that PH will open back up.

  1. Its a lovely thought wishing for PH to return but PH had at the end a very large following all around the world and they (Disney) still killed it. To start it up again as I said before would cost an enormous amount of money which I dare say Disney is not going to put up front unless they could be sure of profits. Everything that was Pixie Hollow must surly be deleted by now so you are talking about starting from scratch again. They would have to re-hire the people they let go after all the shut downs. It would not make fiscal sense to have all those servers just sitting around with PH material on it. Unless Disney has some plan we know nothing about I fear the Hollow is gone. It also serves none of us to badger Disney as we have over the last eight months or so it has all been said and still nothing from them.
    I am sorry my Dears but in a practical world Pixie Hollow is just not practical to bring back…I could be wrong and I would love to be wrong but I fear I am not wrong.

  2. I think you’re right Diane , for I fear that there is a very great chance that it’s not coming back yet there is a small ray of hope left. All we need right now is Faith, Trust , and Pixie Dust ( and to keep our wings crossed). 🙂

  3. This is the question my Dad and I asked:

    Subject: Why did Pixie Hollow close ??

    In the answer to the question above you (Disney) said “At this time, we are shifting our development focus towards other online and mobile play experiences, such as the Disney Fairies website and a growing selection of Disney Mobile apps.”
    You already have Pirates of the Caribbean android app :

    So the question is are you going to put out a Pixie Hollow smartphone/tablet app in the near future. My Daughters friends understand what you said about the website Pixie Hollow but is it coming back on Mobile/tablet apps ???

  4. My fairy also had a boyfriend named Torn Bravelake and i miss him so much. My sparrow had a girlfriend named Rachel and she had red hair.

  5. Hey guys! If ph came back, i would cry tears of happiness but i will have to find my friends ALL over again! 😦 What about you guys?

  6. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! WHAT IF THEY CLOSED IT, TO FIRST MAKE MONEY THEN RE-OPEN IT WITH MORE THINGS!? like from disney the pirate fairy! it might be pirate clothes!! but it takes time so please keep hope,

    faith, trust, and pixie dust!

  7. There is a LOT of proof on YouTube, and the website IS still there, you can visit it on some link.
    When Pixie Hollow was closed, it said ‘Fly With You! We’re Tinkering.’ and then under, it said ‘Pixie Hollow is currently closed for maitnence.’ I know that that message shows every time Pixie Hollow closes for some reason, but they didn’t say ‘Fly with you! Pixie hollow is closing,” did they? I hope it’s going to reopen. Keep your wings crossed!

  8. I hope they don’t . The site said that the game’s just for fun and that they don’t plan on making money off of it. So I don’t they’re going to be super greedy like Disney . 🙂

  9. My name was Glitterswirls. Comment if you knew me. I miss PH so much… half of my childhood gone. I hope it comes back and we get to keep our accounts. I had many items and many friends. Long Live The Hollow!

  10. Im losing my faith trust and pixie dust my old name was grace sugar heart but im 10 I WANT IT BACK! but guys i i.. i dont think there gonna let it reopen IF WE WANT IT BACK WE SHOULD HAVE A MEETING YOU KNOW GIVE THEM ENOUGH MONEY TO REOPEN SHOW THEM WE CARE

  11. Please bring back Pixie Hollow I am 16 and I have always love Pixie Hollow. Now I have nothing to do online. Please don’t hurt the little kid’s hearts! 😥

  12. If Disney optically discerns this, I am requesting a reopening. This was my favorite website EVER. I made friends, bought items, and spent solemnly my whole life on the website. When PH closed, it was like the world ended. Our fairies died, items vanished, and EVERYTHING was GONE! There is a plethora of rumors that it will reopen this summer or again, Sep. 19, but I just can’t believe that. They rudimentally let us buy everything, and that conventionally betokens the sizably voluminous ending, right? I am endeavoring to believe that it will come back anon but it just is unauthentic. #faithtrustandpixiedust ;-; please bring back Pixie Hollow!

  13. I created a petition at called “Bring back pixie hollow, bring back our home” at the website “ipetitions” Please go to this website and sign my petition, together we can make a difference.

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